Traditional building in Aosta Valley

The building was a former Aosta Valley "remise," a house for storing the farm tools, hay, and supplies, and served the many vineyards in the area.

This is a compact building, high enough to house three levels, although originally it had only two (that of the ground floor and the first floor) since it was not necessary for a "remise" to have a large surface area; the space for the tools and hay was more useful.

The traditional Aosta Valley architecture is simple, but the large round pillars, nearly a meter in diameter, mark the spaces in a very interesting way and emphasize their importance. The wooden pillars that support the purlins, kept and enhanced in the renovation project, are of great architectural interest. The wooden roof structure of aged larch with attachment pegs attests to the antiquity of the building and its skillful construction.

Near the house there is a public playground for children.